All apartments are confirm the quality and standards required by Paris Room Rental Rental Terms and Condition For Using The Services Of Paris Room Rental

The following conditions apply to all apartment rentals agreed to between the owners (referred to as 'The OWNER') and all apartment renters (referred to as 'The Tenant'). On conclusion of a reservation you will be asked to sign this document indicating your acceptance.

The OWNER accords to the TENANT a short-term residence or 'holiday home', in accordance with the conditions stated below, which the TENANT must adhere to. The above-mentioned residence is to be used only for personal use, and under no means is to be used for any professional purposes, or as a business unit or office. The TENANT understands and accepts that the accommodation and services are only provided in the framework of a business or pleasure trip to Paris and that this is the principle underlying condition to the validation of this contract.

The agreed upon rental fee includes linens, standard kitchen utensils, electricity, water, insurance, and all taxes.

The TENANT (including all accompanying family members and acquaintances) agrees to commit no act that could disturb the tranquillity of the other residents of the building where the rental occurs. Any disorderly or unruly behavior is the sole responsibility of the TENANT and the OWNER relinquishes complete and absolute responsibility if a third party is involved. The TENANT must comply with the building regulations.

Animals are not allowed in the apartment except through prior arrangement.

Smoking is not allowed in the apartment except through prior arrangement.

During the rental of the apartment, the OWNER reserves the right to carry out urgent work in the apartment (agreed to with the TENANT), without affecting the negotiated price. The TENANT agrees to allow the OWNER access into the apartment with prior notice of at least one day (except in cases of emergency), in order to accomplish these tasks.

The TENANT understands that the OWNER undertakes no responsibility for the TENANT's personal belongings and that in case of loss, damage, or theft to TENANT's personal property the TENANT shall not attempt to recover damages from the OWNER.

The TENANT is responsible for any defacement to the apartment during his/her stay. The TENANT shall exercise reasonable caution to prevent the occurrence of theft including locking all doors and windows during the times that he/she is not inside the apartment. In case of theft the TENANT agrees to be responsible (either personally or through TENANT's insurer) for items and furnishing belonging to the OWNER that are not included in the OWNER's insurance policy.

The TENANT must inform the OWNER in advance the day and time of their arrival. The length of stay of this contract, can only be extended with the written agreement by the OWNER and for no longer than a period of three months.

For a departure before the negotiated date the tariff remains the same as already agreed between the OWNER and the TENANT.

We refund all cancellations that occur at least three months prior to customer's arrival date.

Upon arrival at the apartment, the TENANT agrees to leave with the OWNER or his representative a security deposit equal to the amount which is agreed upon with the confirmation of the apartment. The deposit given by the TENANT guarantees the OWNER payment for any damage made by the TENANT to any appliances, furniture, upholstery, kitchen utensils, linens, etc. The TENANT also agrees to leave the property in the same state as when the TENANT entered the property. The deposit will be returned in full to the TENANT on the day of his/her departure, once the OWNER verifies the inventory of the apartment and verifies that no damage has occurred to the apartment. In case the observed damage exceeds the amount left as a deposit by the TENANT, the TENANT agrees to pay in full for the excess cost.

Upon arrival at the apartment agreed to between the OWNER and the TENANT, the TENANT agrees to sign the inventory of the apartment at which time a copy will be given to both TENANT and the OWNER. The TENANT is expected to sign the inventory upon his/her departure, as well. The deposit will be returned to the TENANT once the departure inventory has been done and the OWNER agrees that no damage has occurred and no items are missing.

The OWNER has the right to evict, without any prior warning, all TENANTS who do not adhere to the above stated regulations in this contract.

I agree to the above stated terms and accept the conditions as the TENANT.







____________________________ (The TENANT)

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